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Menteri rogol amah berasal daripada negeri mana?

Tahniah pasukan bolasepak negara Malaysia berjaya kalahkan Indonesia 3-0 dalam perlawanan akhir pertama Piala Suzuki AFF di Stadium Nasional , Bukit Jalil malam tadi.

Dalam dok kalut-kalut harga barang mahal cerita menteri kabinet Malaysia zaman Pak Lah rogol amahnya terus hangit. Ini berita tentu tak ada dalam utusan meloya dan berita hairan tapi dalam blog-blog semakin panas dan hangit.

BlogTukar Tiub :Ini lagi bukti dari Indonesia;


sila baca kenyataan akhbar ini
amat jelas menunjukkan ada
perogol dalamn kabinet mat mongol

siapa jantan itu?



We are extremely concern about the alarming increases in number of such rape and physical abuses incidents happened in Malaysia. Two years ago, we failed to advocate for an Indonesian maid who was raped by a Minister from Kedah.

We wish to express our gratitude towards the concern of the Civil Society and bloggers community in Malaysia with regards to the recent Maid Raped by Malaysian senior minister.Baca lagi di sini.

Blog Malaysia Today- Protect Rape Victim , Not Rapist!;

This week, Rocky Bru, Sakmongkol and Another Brick in the Wall blogged about the alleged rape of an Indonesian maid by a Cabinet minister in 2007. The maid sent documents or some form of documentary evidence to the US embassy and other embassies. A non-governmental organization's press release on the rape can be accessed HERE.

Three years have passed and what is the outcome of investigations (if any)? Do check out Sakmongkol's post on this case. Has there been any rebuttal or denial? It has been three years and we know nothing as yet safe for what the aforementioned bloggers wrote in their respective sites.

Is there a disturbing trend?

A search on similar alleged cases revealed some interesting facts and figures. The FreeAnwar website HERE reported that Ustaz Taib Azzamuden Mohd Taib (now the Member of Parliament for Baling, Kedah and one-time Grand Imam of the National Mosque) revealed a "BIG SECRET" which was a list of names of Federal Ministers and Chief Ministers implicated in sexual misconduct. This disclosure was made in response to the challenge by Zam (Zainuddin Maidin), Muhammad Mohd Taib, Khalil Yaakob, and Muhyiddin Yassin to come clean and reveal what he knew.

Zainuddin Maidin is remembered for his Al-Jazeera interview about the Bersih rally held in Kuala Lumpur where at the 2:18 section of the video clip he makes his statement about "erection in Malaysia". You can watch the video clip AT THIS LINK. You can see what happened during the Bersih rally AT THIS LINK.Baca lagi di sini.

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